Fundraising! Show you the money!

It’s August already, which means back to school is either beginning for you as it is here in Colorado, or it is just around the corner! Store shelves are stocked with fresh pencils, binders and notebooks, while kids need new clothes, backpacks and haircuts.

Back to school also brings the next year’s round of fundraising for students. Just this week two young men were outside the grocery store selling chocolate bars, asking each person as they exited the store if they would like to buy one.

In 2018, gone are the days where fundraisers should consist of wrapping paper, chocolate bars, candy or coupon book sales. Filling out paperwork and asking everyone you know to buy products they may not use or want to support the important school programs that our kids deserve to experience.

We have a better, faster, more efficient way for you to raise money for your school, charity, club or organization that can help you collect anywhere from five to twenty thousand dollars in one night!

There is no upfront cost to you, no paperwork, and best of all you decide how much money you want to make. It’s really that simple. We take care of all the administrative tasks while your student or organization simply sells tickets. We provide you with online accounting for all sales, promotional materials, a check, and of course an incredible Comedy Hypnosis Show!

Family friendly for schools and students, Tracy Gray has experience designing custom comedy hypnosis shows for graduations, after-proms, assemblies, corporate and general events. She never disappoints! You can even incorporate content focused on empowerment, anti-bullying, test or sports performance anxiety, and much more.

To find out more about our fundraising events, hear what real parents and clients have to say as well as book a show with us, please take a look and explore the possibilities today!