The Health Benefits and Effects of Hypnosis

What? No more pain?

Are you aware of the many health benefits of Hypnosis? The relaxed state of consciousness that a person enters while being hypnotized is not the same as being asleep, but rather is a calm awareness where your subconscious can release any limiting beliefs or habits that might be holding you back in life. Hypnosis has been shown to help relieve stress, combat personal habits, relieve depression, manage phobias or fears, assist with weight loss and reduce Pain! Additionally, studies show hypnosis can improve sleep, mood, motivation and focus. Tracy Gray has the extensive training and background in anatomy and physiology to understand how the brain and body work under hypnosis, making her the perfect hypnotist if you are looking to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce pain, or leave behind any negative patterns of behavior.

Entering a state of hypnosis allows your body to rest as your heart rate and breathing slow, and your muscles release stress and tension you might normally carry from your job, life, or conditions you are trying to treat. After your session(s) you may find your sleep continues to improve as well. In fact one Swiss study, “was able to measure its effects by monitoring brain activity in a group of healthy, young women as they took a 90-minute nap after listening to a hypnotic suggestion tape. The women who were deemed the most susceptible to hypnosis spent 80 percent more time in slow-wave sleep (the deep, restorative phase of our shut-eye) after listening to the hypnosis tape than they did after listening to a neutral spoken text.”

As you work with Tracy to instill new habits and release limiting beliefs you should also see an increase in your motivation and a sharper focus on the behaviors that you want to cultivate in life and less on the ones you want to leave behind. Sports performance issues, test anxiety, general anxiety, cravings, addictions – none of us are free from these things, but there are ways to manage them, become empowered, and remain focused on the benefits of leading a fuller healthier life that is truly desirable.

If you would like to learn more about how hypnotism may be able to benefit you and your journey to personal improvement, please feel free to contact Tracy today.