Things to Consider When Hiring a Hypnotist

Hypnosis, whether for corporate shows, entertainment, personal development or
events like fundraisers, can be extremely effective and incredibly fun to watch.
When hiring a master hypnotist for your venue, there are certain considerations to
take into account. All hypnotists are not created equal and you want someone you
can trust and work well with.

  1. Timing – The average hypnosis show usually runs from 60 to 90 minutes
    although no show should be less than 45 minutes long. Why so much time?
    The hypnotist needs to make a connection first with the audience including
    explaining the process of hypnosis and how their show will operate. This
    level of trust can affect participation and a good hypnotist knows how to
    connect and create a show the audience is invested in. The actual act of
    hypnotizing volunteers varies depending on the hypnotist style, experience
    and the receptivity of volunteers. Tracy Gray as both a master hypnotist and
    magician offers a unique ability to draw audiences in with her humor and
    abilities allowing her to better customize each show.
  2. Safety. Hypnosis itself is a very safe medium and while there may be a
    small safety risk in having so many volunteers on stage moving at once, an
    expert hypnotist can keep everyone moving safely. That said it makes sense
    to verify your hypnotist has verified general liability insurance.
  3. The Material. Have you watched the videos or seen the show of the
    hypnotist you would like to hire? Testimonials and references add extra
    credibility, but you should always be familiar with the master hypnotists
    work to make sure it’s the caliber and material you are looking for.
  4. Credibility. If you are hiring a hypnotist for personal development issues
    and long-term habits like weight loss and smoking, education and reputation
    are even more important.
  5. Budget and Cost. Every hypnotist differs regarding cost and this may vary
    depending on travel, years of experience, time of year, type of show, and any
    specialized equipment needed.
  6. How to book. Some hypnotists allow online booking, but a phone call is
    still a good idea to get to know the person you are hiring. Is a contract
    involved? What about a cancellation policy?

Here are two videos for you to see if Tracy may be a good fit for your next
comedy show, fundraiser or personal improvement needs. We look forward to
working with you and please contact us with any questions or to book today!